Audition Tips For Actors – What to Wear to Win the Job! Wear Blue!

In this medieval time in the early ages, thespians were not considered anyone of high status with many comparing them to a group of traveling entertainers or even worst pranksters who were viewed with little trust. And because of all this distrust against actors, none could receive a Christian burial and because of the traditional beliefs for it is time this meant the actors were condemned in many parts of Europe. However this would all change by the 19th and 20th century as now acting was now a popular art and respectable profession.

This will be an on going discussion on the Film Acting Industry. I will try and give a proper review on how to start acting and some insight on film directing schools as well as what to expect when entering this business.

We can trace back in time and find that the first actor ever recorded was a Greek by the name of Thespis of Icaria. There are some records dating back as far as mid 500 BC stating that Thespis took stage at the Theatre Dionysus, which he then became the first to actually talk on stage to the audience. Back in the day when movies were not around or anything playwright whatsoever was even heard of, one of the forms of entertainment was a traditional singing chorus, which involved only a chorus whom sang a story reminiscent of todays modern opera.

Over time historically speaking, acting was reckoned to be a mans profession. For example, during the Shakespeare days, only men and boys played the parts even when it came time to play female roles. This would be the case until the late sixteen hundreds when an old theatre was finally restored and the first reference to the word actress was born.

Well I should start by describing the Latin word ag_re, which translated simply means, to do. This is the basis of what acting is as the actor will control and magnify aspects of the role, which they are cast upon in order to reveal the true characteristics of the persona at that particular time. Basically what I am saying is that an actor is really trying to portray someone else for their own satisfaction but more importantly for their respected audience.